Complete The Magic Three To Give Your Messy Home A Boost During Summer Vacation


During the busy days of summer vacation life with kids can be hectic and when this happens the house can end up looking like a disaster zone. You don’t want to end up like Cranky Annie, waving your angry wooden spoon around threatening all in the house that if this mess is not cleaned up you will create all kinds of misery for everyone, FOREVER!!!!!!

How To Create Calm Out Of Chaos

The Magic Three

  1. 52 Pick-up Challenge
  2. Empty All Trash Cans
  3. Clean The Kitchen

52 Pick Up Clutter Challenge

52- Pick-up Challenge 

Here is the deal, there is no way to make a huge impact with the 52- Pick-up challenge if the house is in massive chaos unless we have all hands on deck.

Challenge each child in the house to put away 52 items in less than 15 minutes!  Do not award a prize, just a big hug and maybe a chance to choose one of the dinners this week.

empty all trash cans

Empty All Trash Cans

There is nothing that creates clutter more quickly than not having a place to put trash.  If you have children, make SURE to add trash bags of some sort in each can because they will get stick and nasty very quickly. Take the trash to the outdoor bins ASAP!  Don’t let it sit and gather up positive energy by staring at your with its ugly trash bag self.


Clean the Kitchen Fast

1. Throw away any trash sitting around ( You know because the trash cans was over-flowing)

2. Put away stray items.

3. Unload Dishwasher and/or Load or hand wash and dry dishes.

4. Wipe top to bottom- Windows, cabinets,appliances, counters.

5.. Sweep and Mop the Floor



You have completed the MAGIC THREE- proceed with your day knowin SOMETHING got done.

Have a super day!



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