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Menu Plan for the Week, Simple Cleaning List and My Favorite Hanging Binders

Organize Your Week

Summer just keep zipping by so quickly!  I am trying not to look at the calendar as the new school year draws closer and closer. We have already purchased school supplies and I will organize and stow them away today, so they don’t sit there and remind me that school days are very near.  

I encourage even the busiest moms and dads this week to take a FAT two or three-hour block and spend real quality uninterrupted time with your children.  If you can take each one out separately for some real one on one time that would be ” the cat’s pajamas!”.

Have a super week!  And here are our list!


Monday – DIY Dinner – Frozen Pizza, Salad or a Sandwich.

Tuesday –  Turkey Taco Night with all the fixings, mine will be in a lettue wrap. ( I am a green-clean fighting machine!)

Wednesday Braised Chicken Breasts & Green Beans with Tomatoes & Lemon  – cut up veggies for the little guy as this recipe just might turn his ” I hate veggies” radar on.  He will however eat all kinds of carrots and apples. LOL

Thursday Almond-&-Lemon-Crusted Fish with Spinach – Rice for the boys. ,Fishsticks (Earth’s Best) for the kiddo served with  an arugula salad with slivers of apples and cucumbers.

Friday –   Chicken Burgers with homemade carrot fries and apple slaw.

Saturday  – Dinner Out – ( We are obsessed with Indian Cuisine)

Sunday – Sunday BBQ –  Boneless Chicken Breast with an olive oil and lemon marinade,  bbq beans, slaw and sliced watermelon.

Cleaning with the family_ ,mommacan.com

Cleaning List

Cleaning List for the Week – This summer we are picking one room a week to really get in shape!  So one day per week, you will visit the room and decide what needs to be done, schedule it in your calendar and DO IT!

Monday – Deep Clean Kitchen – Choose wisely on major appliance or area to deep clean. This I suggest cleaning and organizing the pantry. It is so much easier to put together a quick pantry meal when the pantry is well-organized and stocked with a few staples.

Tuesday – Bathroom – Give the bathrooms and good scrubbing, especially, tubs, showers, sinks and mirrors.

Wednesday –  Dust and Mirrors and Windows –  Dust all the furniture and doodads, shine all mirrors and windows on the inside.

Thursday – Clutter Blast – Grab a trash bag and a donation bag and turn on some groovy music.  While listening to two or three of your favorite songs zip through the main rooms of the home ( Kitchen, Bath and Living Area) and throw away trash and look in drawers and cabinets for items that are no longer useful and carry no real sentimental value and throw these in a donation bag, if they are in a condition to donate.)  You will have a blast and you home will have LESS clutter. 

Friday –  Take a Mom Break – Get your nails done or stay up a little later and watch something totally girly on television after the kiddos are in bed. 

Saturday – Linens and extra laundry. Don’t you love the idea of fresh smelling sheets and towels!

Sunday –  Free Day – Family Day – An opportunity for a hands-on museum visit or a trip to the local library.

P.S. Don’t forget your daily cleaning list!  Click here for a free printable.

My Favorite Things


Avery Hanging Binders Green
Avery Hanging File Poly Ring Binder, 1 Inch Capacity, Blue (14800)

One of my favorite things for organizing paper that I need to revisist often for project planning, school notes, bill management etc. are these super cool hanging binders from Avery. I have been using the same set for more than 5 yars and I totally love them. I had no idea they came in different colors other than black and blue so I have my sights on a few green and a few red.  They are super durable and lay flat for easy reading.

I keep one binder for Home manangement, work, blogging, church work and one extra for things that I am currently studying.  (This week is optimizing my Microsoft Outlook for GTD).  I also keep one for holiday planning in storage and bring it out for the big holiays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This one is filled with addresses, decorating ideas and recipes.

They sell these on Amazon, I can’t find them in local office stores, which is a bummer. But heck, the price is really very good.


Have a rocking week!


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