Decorate Your Christmas Tree For Halloween

Move over tinsel and twinkle, here comes Halloween! Today I am sharing 12 tips to decorate your Christmas Tree for Halloween! Just a few pieces and a bow or two and you can convert any Christmas tree into a Halloween Happy Tree or a Spooky Scary Tree, truly the sky is the limit. When you decorate your Christmas Tree, there are no limits, just ideas galore to enjoy!

Decorate Your Christmas Tree For Halloween with 15 tips to take your green tree and turn it into a Halloween Tree filled with ribbons and fun!

I admit it y’all; I had such a blast decorating our pencil Christmas tree with adorable gnomes, dark felt branches, vivid orange, and black ribbon, and chalkboard signs. My gnome collection keeps growing. I did not have a clue I would fall in love with gnomes this year! Their whimsical hats are just so darn cute.

12 Tips For Decorating Your Halloween Tree

  1. Pick your tree! I chose a slim tree because it fit the space in my office and let’s face it; it costs less to paint a pencil tree when using ribbon! I also saved by keeping the back of the tree kind of plain. You can’t see it and no one notices the difference. There are so many kinds of artificial Christmas trees, black Christmas trees, pink trees, tabletop trees, and an all-white tree. I am sharing artificial trees as an example because real ones are kind of tricky to find in October!
  2. Choose a theme. I wanted something fun and not-scary for little ones to enjoy. So know scary witch images, vampire blood, or other spooky stuff. Using the gnomes and the felt ball garland was my focus as I chose the rest of the decor. If you have children, a Disney theme would be super cute with Mickey Mouse decorations!
  3. Choose your colors. Again, I wanted Happy Halloween, not Spook til You Scream, so my colors are traditional! Orange and Black with a hint of white. Purple and Black are also super cute! And yep, rainbow colors are everywhere these days!
  4. Shop at home first to decorate your Halloween Christmas Tree! Dig through your storage bin for Halloween decorations from years past. I used some eucalyptus and fern picks as a base for the tree, instant fullness! I also unearthed the orange dotted wired ribbon for the bows!
  5. You can then start with choosing some super cute ribbon from your local craft store to guide you or a piece for your theme (gnomes, black cuts, cute pumpkins). I love having at least two contrasting ribbons, but three is also super cute.
  6. Tree toppers are totally optional. I planned to add a cute sign, but I loved it so much on the mantel I just thought, to heck with it! If money grew on trees, I would have added more black felt twigs, but I thought, it is finished! Time to move on to another project.
  7. Halloween Tree Decorations can be found in so many places! Saving money is essential because this holiday kicks off a season of many celebrations! I shop thrift stores first, because recycling is also thrift-shopping. Then the dollar store, Target, and HomeGoods and all the other local busy gal hangouts! Oddly, the only thing I purchased from Amazon were the pillow covers!
  8. Lights! – Artificial Christmas Trees often are prelit and many with color choices! If you need to add some oomph, add a string or two of purple or orange lights for festive night time viewing.
  9. Holiday Decoration Tool Box – Your Halloween Tree will come to life much more efficiently with all the tools you need in once place! This is such a treasure to have during all holidays! Some examples to fit your tool box out, hammer, screwdriver, finishing nails, thumbtacks, florist tape, florist wire, sticky dots, ornament hangers, hat pins, zip ties, wire cutters, pliers, and permanent glue stick. I use an actual tool box! Just call me Momma The Tool Chick.
  10. Gather all of your Halloween Christmas Tree decorations, make sure your tree is fluffed and ready, and start decorating. I will not list a dozen rules, but it will simplify your journey if you start at the top and add your ribbon first. You can top your tree. If you are planning a topper, then work your way down with the garland. I add the larger items and then I free design to my heart’s content! You do you in your design system!
  11. As you trim, take a few steps back and look at the balance of the tree. This will save you from being frustrated with a redo when you run out of decorating supplies. Think in threes, three big focal points, then balance the rest. My heart wants to just say, “let the tree speak to you!”.
  12. Finish your Christmas Tree Decorated for Halloween with a tree skirt of sorts. I used a simple faux rug, super fluffy and added some Halloween Themed pillows. I have had so many compliments over those darn pillows, makes me smile ear to ear! You can try stacking books, maybe a spooky train set, or lots of pumpkins. There are so many fun ideas for Halloween Decor.
  13. Keep the colors and them going throughout the space! This will make it Extra Special!
  14. Need a cute printable to add to your design! Check out Momma’s Amazing Library for this.
  15. Whip up some hot chocolate or apple cider floats, grab a plate full of goodies, and enjoy your Halloween Tree!

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