What’s For Supper Is Back

Folks, COVID took a hit on my menu planning and life. Life went from busy to mega-crazy busy. I kept thinking it would get back to normal SOON. Well friends, SOON appears to be on permanent vacation, and I have decided to just go with the flow. Momma Can’s What’s For Supper is back!

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Some weeks will have repeats, and some will have something new. But there will be a lot more healthy recipes because these past couple of years have given us all the encouragement just to be healthier, to keep our family and friends safe, and to adapt.

Easy Skillet Chicken Lasagna Recipe
Easy Skillet Chicken Lasagana

Limit Food Waster

In addition, we have learned that food waste has an impact not on just our budgets but on the environment. Each package of meats, vegetables, dairy, or anything you purchase to consume takes valuable resources.

Momma Can will now include more ways to help use up leftovers, eat fewer meats that have a greater impact on the environment, and encourage ways to choose foods that use less packaging when available.

Not A Purist A Lifelong Learner

I will not be pushing a purist lifestyle, like becoming vegan (unless that is your jam) or the Moms of America Recycling Olympian Team! Like learning any new skill, we have to take it one step at a time.

Our journey will be simple; a cheerful kitchen, merry meals, happy hearts and joy-filled celebrations. We will learn together how to make this happen while embracing our earth’s resources one baby step at a time.

Please know that this will not be a GREEN blog. There are tons of blogs out there for this purpose.

This blog is for busy families and households to live life, enjoy moments with meaning, celebrate each day, and STILL get supper on the table.

spicy turkey chili recipe
Momma’s Easy Spicy Turkey Chili – Make it vegan with Beyond Beef

On that note: Here is What’s For Supper this week:

What’s For Supper Is Back!

Dinner Ideas

Monday – Skillet Chicken Lasagna (With Turkey!) We still have a few pounds of frozen turkey from Christmas, so I am using it up for the boys’ dinner and adding a mega-sized salad.

Tuesday Chickpea Cucumber Tomato Salad with Pita Bread, sort of Lebanese/ Mediterranean style taco night.

Wednesday – Upside Down – Found some Kodiak Pancake Mix with Birthday Sprinkles! So yep, pancakes for dinner with fruit salad. Here is a similar mix found on Amazon.

Thursday Easy Spicy Turkey Chili with Southern Cornbread

Friday – Italian Style Tuna Salad on baked French bread slices for a fun change!

Saturday – Dinner Out

Sunday – Leftovers with a Family Salad Bar

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