Doing the Handbag Dance

Doing the Handbag Dance –

Busiest Moms in the World Clutter Challenge

I can’t think of one mom I know that does not have a mini-collection at the very least of handbags. I have met a couple that have designated closets for their collection. I have met one gal that has more than 7 purple clutches and at least 2 orange hobo bags. Wow!I think I have a few black oversized bags. I gave one away recently because unbelievable I had one almost identical in my closet the only difference was the hardware was silver on one and brass on the other

The really kicker about the handbags is that we seem to keep stuff in each and every one. We have probably 18 tubes a lip balm wasting away to uselessness in our many handbags. How many times have you purchased a new lipstick because you left it inside another purse and cant seem to find it or just don’t have the time? How many little tissue packs and small ibuprofen containers?  Wait, do you have enough loose change to turn in for a momma-time pedicure? Or yum, one single chocolate covered anything form the local candy store?

 Today we are clutter-busting our handbags.

We have a choice in the process while we clean out our collection, we can decide if you no longer need this or that handbag, clutch or wallet.

So get your donation bag and a trash bag and let’s get started.

Clean out all the junk and grab the goodies that you might find in your handbag collection.

Last night, and I am not telling a fib here, I was about to donate a red wallet and I  found a 100 dollar bill. It was my secret emergency, make me feel special 100 dollar bill and my mommy brain completely forgot about that money when I changed out wallets about six months ago.

So there you have it in this quest or clutter busing you may find some real treasure.

Happy Hunting and this my friends is what I call the Handbag Dance!


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