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Five Fun Albums Your Family Can Enjoy While Tidying- Up

Favie Albums For Cleaning House With Kids

Music is the Universal Language

When you get a really groovy tune,a really exciting march, a Rumba or a fast-paced waltz everyone knows it.  And if it is really good everyone will probably start dancing or at the very least tapping the beat with their toes or nodding their heads.  It’s all about the rhythm.  Even before we were born our tiny little bodies new rhythm.  We heard our heartbeats and our mother’s heartbeats and probably the beats of music from one of those annoying drivers who turn the bass up so loud in their cars you feel like your heart might just  skip a beat.

The Beat
The first time you see your toddler doing that little dance squat with a big smile on their face… you are hooked.  Whatever song was playing goes to that special  place in your heart that sits right next to your Wedding Song or you First Slow Dance.  Music makes memories and music encourages movement  Movement is essential in early childhood development and can be so much fun in the right environment with the right kind of music.   For Tidying the house, putting away toys, helping mommy and daddy with the laundry I have chosen five pretty fun Albums.  They are listed below in no particular order but each one touches on a different genre which is really a good thing when little ones are learning to enjoy music.  Let’s Get Started!

Ziggy Marley Family Time

This music collection is o much fun with lots of neat featured singers like Rita Marley , Paul Simon and Willie Nelson.  My fave is the ABC, The Train and Family Time. Jamie Lee Curtis also does a snippet of a poem called ” My Helping Hands”.  Family Time is our morning song while making beds.

Mary Poppins: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack (1964 Film)

This album needs no introduction to most folks.  All I really have to say is wait…. ….. get ready for the corny boat to float….. and say

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious….. Step in Time, Step in Time……. with a Spoon Full of Sugar….. tell me you don’t want to dance or sing right this minute.  Do let your children miss out on this delightful Disney Music Production.  So much fun folks.

The Planets by Gustav Holst

If you love Star Wars or Star Trek… you will love this one.  You have to listen to it in little bites.  It is one of the longest orchestral pieces ever written.  And each one will start ringing bells of “have I heard this before”.  And its classical music… without the white wigs and snooty snoots. ( I have no idea what snoots are but it just seemed right at the time.) This would be the perfect record to put on your Star Wars costumes they I know you probably store in a closet some place for special occasions.

Catch That Train!

Dan Zanes has got IT!  If there ever was anyone who totally knew what children dig this is the man.  His music is sort of offbeat folk with a touch of granola.  Its fun and there is a train song and a snake song.  So the little boys will love it. And with guest artists Natalie Merchant, Blind Boys of Alabama and South Africas Children of Agape… well there is something fun for everyone.

Jazz for Kids: Sing Clap Wiggle & Shake

Jazz for Kids: Sing Clap Wiggle & Shake

This is the perfect album to introduce Jazz to your young children.  And it is really a giggling and a jiggling fun album. Ella Fitzgerald starts it off with the classic Old Macdonald Had a Farm and Louis Armstrong ends it with What Wonderful World.  Love it, love it, love it.

Enjoy the music, and if you have a clean, fun reccomendation for this list please do share.  I love music and everyone has their favorites, especially when it comes to what their children are learning to enjoy.

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  1. I remember watching those movies and dancing around to those songs with my young children! And some of those songs I remember dancing around with to with my parents when I was little! Oh the memories 🙂

  2. Mary Poppins! My boy is still young to help me out clean rooms, but he tidies up his toys when asked. For me, I’d have to have my iPhone playing songs while I’m cleaning, which I just did for my summer cleaning.

  3. I love music. I listen to it every day when I go for my run. The rythm of the music makes me move way faster!

  4. My girls and I always BLAST the surround sound when we’re cleaning. It keeps their spirits upbeat, eliminates complaints while we get TONS of work done.

  5. Great list. We love the Jazz Putumayo I lived on that when Rowan was young. I am going to check out your others. We love music over hear.

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