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Momma’s Weekly Plan

weekly plan for moms

I enjoy posting my weekly goal, it helps to keep me on my toes.  These weekly goals focus on organizing, cleaning, cooking, decorating, and dreaming. I hope that sharing my goals will give me the needed boost to see them through and also to help other moms get motivation to see their goals through as well.  We busy moms need all the help we can get! I would love to hear about your plans for the week either in a comment with a link to your blog, on the Mommacan.com facebook page or even ( gasp) Google Plus if that floats your boat.  I truly believe that sharing our goals will help us to reach our goals.

clutter cannot win


I am decluttering the pantry this week. The first step to organizing any place in your home is a good clutter clearing session.  I am preparing for a Whole 30 and it is just easier to clear out the house of anything that will distract me from my goal. I decluttered and reorganized the pantry a few months back but now have installed a few pull out baskets.  

mommacan.com Organized Pantry

Organized Pantry Post


Hopefully, I can get the grill man of the house to cook several chicken breast or thighs for the family tonight. This will keep the house cooler and I can cut the meat up and use for several meals this week including home-made “Lunchables”.

Check out  this post on Paleo School Lunch Box Ideas by Nom Nom Paleo.  A Week Of Paleo School Lunches

Snap-N-Store Letter-Size File Box, Black (SNS01533)


I just finished up Children’s Choir for the year and need to organize and store all the gear. This should take quite a bit of time, so I will do this chore in 10 minute time blocks all week long. 


I have been dreaming of having a hammock to relax, think, and read in while enjoying an ice cold glass of tea.  I would love to make that dream a reality some way, maybe even on our compact balcony outside our bedroom.  ~sigh~

Now it is your turn. What is your plan for the week?

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