There Is A Surprise Waiting At Your Door! Momma Groove Friday

My Boys Have Always Came First in My Life

Despite that days feel overwhelming.

Despite that days feel overly busy.

Despite that you feet ache.

Despite that your to do list looks like Santa’s list one steroids.

Despite that its raining outside and you cannot find the umbrella.

Despite that you allergies are so bad that your sneeze more than you actually breath.

Despite that you are sick of hearing that says, “When the going gets tough….. the tough get going”.

Despite that you are going bonkers hearing the word mommy forty dozen times in 5 minutes flat.

Take a deep breath.  We still need to get into our Momma Groove.

Our loved ones need a rested and smiling momma who is organized to the best of her ability at whatever stage in her life she may be.

How do we get there?  

One step at a time ladies, one step at a time.  

So today we are going to take a couple of steps in that challenge for our Home Office or Family and Homemaking Control Centers.  Then if you have time tidy up the front room so that when you loved ones come home they can feel your presence and joy right away.  That is right I said joy.  By golly we were not put on this planet to be mopey, dopey.  So when your family walks in the door, just pretend each one is holding a wrapped gift.

There is nothing more exciting than a beautifully wrapped gift, especially one that is meant for you.  And when you think of that family member holding that gift…. remember that you only get to open that gift one time.  We should open this imaginary gift with care, with high expectations, with love, with joy and with a smile on our face.  Do you know where I am going with this??

The gift is our family.

And once you rip open that package that showed up at your door, it  is really hard to tape it back up to the beauty it was before. So take care when they walk through that door today, and gently pull the tape pack and open your gift, the gift of their hearts.

momma groove

Simple Daily Challenge: Take 2 minutes for each fun item.

  1. Take 2 minutes and tidy up your desk.
  2. Take 2 minutes and empty out your office or kitchen trash.
  3. Take 2 minutes and dance to a favorite song.
  4. Take 2 minutes and delete spam and junk emails.
  5. Take 2 minutes and tidy the front room.

Have a joyfully rocking day!

Pictured are my two awesome sons, the two reasons I strive every day to be a better momma.

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