Dream A Little_ Daily Challenge Saturday_ Actions Make Dreams Come True

Dream A Little: Spend five minutes in the room of your
choice. Sit down and get comfy and think about what you would like
the room to look like. Try to remember what you envisioned the room
would be when you first moved in to the home. When your five
minutes are up, write down what you dreamed in a special notebook or file in you computer.

Now think about the very next step you would have to make to make your dream come true.  Just the very next tiny, tiny, baby step.  Can you make this next step happen?  Or can you give that room some love and a fresh pillow or two to brighten it up a bit?  Or simply take a couple of items from one room and try then in your dream room.  Lets make some magic happen.


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  1. At this point, I would be thrilled to sit down for 5 minutes, period! 🙂

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