Happy Mom Days! 10 Days of You!

Happy Mom Days


Starting April 28th we will be having 10 days of Happy Mom Days!  These days will be all about taking care of you! Each weekday there will be new topics, tips and challenges that will focus on you as a busy caregiver. Busy moms need self-care to keep our homes and families running smoothly.  I am always concerned when I read of moms struggling because they have not time to take care of their own needs because they are pushed to the very limits taking care of everyone elses.

This is not a healthy approach to running a home and family but I know how hard it is to take that time you need for YOU!
Busy moms need time for medical appointments, personal care appointments, social time, quiet time and time away from the busy household.  I am not saying drop everything for a two-week vacation in the tropics. I am just thinking we all could use a little time here and there for a quiet walk, shopping without the hassle of packing 3 diaper bags and a 12 snack bags before you leave or a nail appointment without any mom-guilt trash talking in your head.

10 Days of You!  Hooray!  April 28th!


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