Hey Momma! What's For Supper? #98 Salad or Soup?

Hey Momma! What's For Supper? #98 Salad or Soup?

Each week we share simple recipes to help busy families get food on the table with less fuss! Welcome to Hey Momma! What’s For Supper? #98 Soup or Salad?

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s day!

You have not seen one of this weekly round-ups in a while. I am tossing around a few ideas to combine our mini-mag with a write up. Truth, I missed writing the weekly dinner plan in more detail! I have not made a firm decision on how to combine the two so look for the mini-mag update soon! If you have input email directly to pamela (at) mommacan dot. com and share your ideas.

Hey Momma! What's For Supper? #98 Salad or Soup?

What’s For Supper? #98 Salad or Soup?

This week for supper we are having soups and salads with two slow-cooked and roasted meats to round it out for the meat loving kids in the house.

It is a new year! And most folks have written another New Year’s resolution or two and that often have lost a few pounds or get healthy. This January, we will embrace lighter menus!

Menu Plan This Week!

I wish you the best week and a wonderful New Year!

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