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There Are No Whole 30 Mistakes For Busy Moms

There Are No Whole 30 Mistakes For Busy Moms I need to give you the heads up today, There Are No Whole 30 Mistakes For Busy Moms!Have you ever started on a “diet” or ” lifestyle change” and made mistakes or even MASSIVE CHEATS and just completely gave up because you were not Penelope Perfect being confined to a dozen rules and regulations?

Have you ever looked in the mirror the day after you skipped your morning walk and just thought, ” My God, I am looking a lot like the side of a barn”, heck, ” I am looking like the side of an old barn”?

Do you tell yourself -I have no will power, when PMS hits there is not chocolate cupcake safe within a three-mile radius?

I have some good news for you!


There Are No Whole 30 Mistakes For Busy Moms!

There Are No Whole 30 Mistakes For Busy Moms

Life is made of bumpy roads and curvy paths and if it were meant to be smooth highway and free Tesla’s for all, what a dull world it would be.

When we make a decision to change our life it is not a one-way ticket to the Promiseland.  It is a series of everyday choices, learning new things, applying our experience,  making MISTAKES, and moving on.

If you make a mistake on the Holy Grail of the Whole 30 and you are working, taking care of the kids, cleaning house, paying bills, volunteering at Church and School, tidying the laundry room for the ten-thousandth time that day you are allowed mistakes.  Lets just removed that word MISTAKE and ALLOWED from the equation.

There Are No Whole 30 Mistakes For Busy Moms!

Wake up and Reflect

Just wake up in the morning and reflect. I did this and this, and today I am going to do this and this. Today will be a better day.

  • Write down your plan.
  • Do the plan.
  • Acknowledge hiccups.
  • Do something healthy to kick refocus on your plan and move on.
  • Repeat this the next day and forever more.

Now, if you are trying (like this tied momma) to lose some weight and get some exercise this week please give yourself a mental hug and a little bit of grace.


There Are No Whole 30 Mistakes For Busy Moms!

Confessions From  A “There Are No Whole 30 Mistakes Mom”

CONFESSION: I had some hiccups this week with my Whole 30.  I learned that stress can make the best intentions drop kick you swiftly into old habits.  This Sunday morning I reflected for a time and decided to forgive myself for BREAKING A FEW RULES and just do my best. I will not lie, I am going to have to write a plan and put it into practice immediately to deal with stress. I truly feel this week will go well.  I am pumped to create an atmosphere and grace, hope, and energy to eat well and move more.

In a nutshell:

One mistake, one missed day of exercise, one sugar-coated crazy fat meal, will not mess up weeks of hard work if you refuse to let it. But it surely will mess up your hard work if you let it!


Get Healthy Free PrintablesMenu This Week:

Another heads up for us  There Are No Whole 30 Mistakes Moms! This week my menu reflects the crazy busy life I am experiencing right now. I am not going to feel guilty for one second that I am using a few premade items from the local grocery.

  • Monday – Whole Roast Chicken from Sprouts, Green Salad, and Toast with garlic butter for the boys>
  • Tuesday – Taco Tuesday – My ground turkey and beans are in the freezer and I am using store bought salsa and just smashing the avocados with a fork and adding a bit of salt, pepper, lime, and chili. Serving with lettuce wraps and taco shells for the boys.
  • Wednesday- Big Fat Salad with olive oil and fresh lemon. I am getting the words from Whole Foods salad bar with zero guilt.
  • Thursday – Chipotle with my Boys – Relaxed and everybody loves it.
  • Friday – Frozen Pizza night and Paleo Chili from the freezer for this busy momma.
  • Saturday – Date Night
  • Sunday – BBQ Chicken Breast, triple batch, baked potatoes and broccoli and apple salad from my recipe stash.


If you are curious about the first three weeks of this busy mom’s whole 30. Check it out the most popular weeks here.

Whole 30 Week #1 – Fighting The PMDD Dragon
Whole 30 Week #3 – Whole 30 Truly Making Me Feel Better

The Whole 30 is tough but forgiving your mistakes and moving on Whole 30 Challenges are the bomb. I highly recommend this way of eating to those who are looking for a change, even just for 30 perfect or not so perfect days. Check out the book here. Whole 30 Challenge

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  1. The hubby and I are starting a 10 day sugar detox today, I am sure there will be plenty of mistakes. You are so right, forgiving and moving on to the next day is so important, it’s about learning a new lifestyle which isn’t easy and there will be slip ups. Here is to a great week and less stress for you my friend!! ????

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