The Organized Student Part 1 and the Mid-School Year Hump

Normally you would read a post on the organized student at the beginning of the school.  I decided to add a series of post at this time of year because it is a tough one for many grade school students.  This is the mid-year hump in many schools as well as the time for standardized testing, which can be very stressful to children.  My choir students are normally very tired and worried during these testing periods, therefore, I generally make it a simple time of games and fellowship;



To help get over the school mid-year hump I am trying to jazz things up a bit on the homework front.  I have added unique placemats to the kitchen table and transformed my mason jars into wonderful school supply holders.  This little act of kindess will hopefully let my son know that I am rooting for him and am also realize that he is just as tired as anyone in this fast-paced moving world.




You can see the place mats more in this shot. Each one can be used with a regular number 2 pencil and cover school subjects such as history, math and geography.  Not only are they functional and educational,  they are fun as well!

This is my first little step to give my little guy the much need boost of the mid-year hump.

What do you feel about the mid school year?

The most influential of all educational factors

is the conversation in a child’s home.

-William  Temple

You can purchase the Melissa and Doug Melissa & Doug Presidents Write-a-Mat  here and at many local specialty toy stores. 


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