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Mom’s Family Diner – The Cupboards

moms family diner the cupboards


Today we are zipping around our kitchen cleaning and organizing the cupboards.  These are the places that house our kitchen stuff. They  gather crumbs and dust like magnets and also tend to gather junk.  Today we are just going to take what time we have and clean out the cupboards that need the most work.  Busy moms have to choose their battles, if we have time to clean every single one of the cupboards than great, if we don’t  that is just the way it is.

Let’s Get Started:

1. Choose the cupboards that need the most cleaning or organizing. Take before photos if you like, not needed but can be fun. ( time to turn on some groovy tunes)

2. Take all items out of each cupboard. I think one cupboard at a time is easier.

3. Wipe the shelf clean with a mild cleanser that works for the material for your shelves.

4. Throw out broken items, place unused items in a donation box.

5. Replace all items in an orderly fashion keeping in mind that like items should be close together.

6. Take the trash out and your donation box to your car or to a designated spot for donations.

7. Take an after photo and do a little happy mommy dance… you are finished.

Enjoy your day!

Question: Are you a collector of whacky coffee cups?  Or unsual diner plates?  How do you store these items? In the kitchen or in another room where you can ganer at them from time to time?

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  1. It makes my day when I read your blog and I realize I have done the tasks you suggest or don’t have to YAY : )

    Not a collector of coffee cups, neither one of us drink coffee. And no unusual dinner plates either.

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