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Saggy Celery and the Bottom of the Pickle Barrel

Pickle Barrel

(pictured is a William Donaheym’s Pickle Barrel House)

It’s funny how one day your refrigerator can be organized, clean and full of fresh vegetables and fruit and yummy condiments to enhance a good meal.

It’s funny how the very next day your fresh vegetables and fruits can turn to saggy, sad, veggies and the pickles are nowhere to be found but the empty jar is sitting nice and pretty on the top shelf.

You would think that your family would have the common sense to throw away an entirely empty jar of pickles and would notice that the celery somehow has lost its crispness and looks like an excuse to call the FDA on a recall notice.

It is just another one of those things that ends up on the mommy plate and it is really quite unappetizing.  Craving Pickles?

Simple Daily Challenge for today:
Toss out old vegetables and fruits, get rid of the empty bottles, get rid anything past its Best By Date and give the shelves a quick wipe down.

What is that you say? You don’t have time to wipe down the shelves?

Here is a tip: Put on your rubber gloves, clean ones please and grab two micro-fiber towels or bar towels.  Wet one with the hottest water you can stand and keep the other one dry.  Instead of removing everything off the shelves just scoot them over to one side and wipe the spots and grime that you can see.  Then move it back and wipe the other side. As you wipe, make sure you dry so that you don’t get a bunch of unnecessary condensation.

This challenge should take about 10 minutes if you move quickly.

It can take less than 3 minutes if you are just tossing the old stuff.

Another tip: Try to group like items together as you are moving things around.  Cleaning and organizing can go hand in hand on many occasions.

Need more pickles! How about some humor in this delightful comic collection!

Oh, Sure! Blame It on the Dog!: A Pickles Collection


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