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Mother’s Day Styled Bookcase



Mother’s Day Styled Bookcase

I wanted to update the bookcase for Mother’s Day weekend so that I could walk in and spot my favorite portrait of my two sons.  I decided to add a few lighter colors to the mix and more greenery to give it life.  This was an easy fix and I made sure to find items at my local Homegoods that I would be able to use in different settings later on this year.


Green Foliage with Metal and White Wood container

This pop of green added to the top of the bookcase was a welcoming bit of spring with a dash of summer. I love mixing metals with white-washed wood elements.  Fun!  Found this at Homegoods! 


Orange and Yellow flowers on Styled Bookcase - Mommacan.com

The orange and yellow flowers add to the Mother’s Day charm of the bookcase, patiently awaiting to be joined with cards and trinkets on that special day.


White Pitcher waiting for Mother's Day Flowers :)

The white pitcher is one of my favorite recently found treasures and will be the perfect vessel for handpicked or “store picked” flowers on Mother’s Day morning.


Mother's Day Bookcase

Mother’s day is the perfect time to dust off family photos and move them around a bit. You can see my two sons in the photo above. I also flipped some of the books so that the binding is toward the back of the bookcase, this allows for a lighter look with the whites and allows my orange and yellow flower arrangement to shine.  I really love it!  I plan to add a few photos of my mom, my husband’s momma and my daughter in law who is expecting her first child this October.  That should really fill in some empty spots, but how wonderful it will be to look at the photos as I walk in the front door each day for the next couple of weeks.  Next up, Memorial Day and Father’s day!

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Mother's Day Styled Bookcase - So pretty for the month of May

Do you celebrate Mother’s Day?  If so, how do you celebrate?  I would love to have some new ideas, but my favorite is my husband’s yearly attempt at making scrambled eggs and hot coffee. It really is the little things in life that bring back the best memories.

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  1. I love the greenery and the pop of color with the flowers!! Really nice job with the bookcase!

    1. Thank you! I am really enjoying my new step into making our home special on a holidays other than Christmas. Have a super day!

  2. It all looks very nice and put together, I especially like the white pitcher, such a great find!

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