Seven Days of Hallowen Fun and Preparation!

Halloween Week

This week we celebrating the preparations for Halloween! I love Halloween, especially this year because we are going to hang out at home. I have not decorated outdoors in years because we always had obligations at someone’s house which is fine. But I really miss hearing the doorbell ring  and peeking out to see the little ones dressed as witches, Disney characters and all sorts of interesting things.

But today is Monday, and on Mommacan.com we fight clutter crime. To kick off our 100 club we are going to enjoy the them song from the Adams’ Family!  I just loved that show when I was younger, especially Uncle Fester and his light bulb antics.


uncle fester

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The Adam’s Family Theme Song


Clutter Its A Crime

Now off to the races! Today I am fighting clutter crime in the garage.  100 pieces of stuff getting in the way of my peace of mine.  What about you?  Where do you need to fight clutter crime in your hom

e?  Remember, 100 items, anything goes, pick up and put away, throw away, or donate 100 items.  Our goal is to finish in 10 minutes and yes, Legos and Barbie Doll shoes count.

See you later, I have some sleuthing to do and some clutter to find.


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  1. It is sad how Halloween has become so different. Around here trick or treaters go to the malls so I don’t even bother leaving the light on or buying much candy. I remember that show and loved the song!

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