Simple, Easy and Budget Friendly Teacher’s Appreciation Gift

Super Easy Budget Friendly Teacher Gift


My little guy and I put these two appreciation gifts together for Teacher’s Appreciation Week at our school.
Now don’t roll your eyes!  I know some folks have a real problem with Teachers Appreciation Week.  After handing over a fiver here and a box of tissues there for several months by the end of the school year parents are just over the whole thing.

But. remember these folks are taking care of our babies for several hours a day.  In many cases teachers are the first  ones that realize ‘little baby bugeroo‘ has a fever of 101 and needs to go home.  These folks are the first ones to discover head lice! (oh my gravy gross!)  These folks have patience not only for ‘Tina Tiny Terror‘ but all 30 or more tiny terrors in a classroom without the option of  ‘ a mommy break’.  In other words they cannot escape to the bathroom and hideout when the classroom is having a bad day.

Well, I am chattering again so let us get down to business.

budget friendly teacher gift

These are so simple to make.  They are plastic jars,but you can use those wonderful glass mason jars just as well.  You could also use a plastic water bottle, a floral vase, a clear cookie jar, a small clear tote bag, or even a Sun Tea Pitcher.

We filled ours with sticky notes, chocolate, bubble gum, a scented candle, pens, silver markers and pencils. But the best part is you can fill these jar’s with anything you want.  The sky is the limit.  I think filling it with just caramel corn or jelly beans  would be fun.  Just add some ribbon and a nice note and “TADA!”, you are finished.

peace and popcorn,


p.s. What does your school do for Teacher’s Appreciation Week (Day)?

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  1. What a great idea! I wish I had thought of it! Oh well we can use it as goodbye gifts for the teachers at the end of the year. Found your blog on twitter following you everywhere now. Really nice blog. drop by my blog sometime menearfamily.blogspot.com

  2. As someone who is married to a (high school) teacher, I appreciate this post. I, too, get to sample all the goodies that his students give him. Once my son starts school, I will definitely remember to pay it forward. Thanks for stopping by; following you back.

  3. They don’t have teacher appreciation week where I live – but I sure wish they did so that people like me could get one of your jars. Its good to feel appreciated every now and then.

    Thanks for sharing – and keep on appreciating those teachers…


  4. love this! pinned it to my teacher appreciation board 🙂

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