Stream-Line Your Make Up in 5 minutes or Less

Busy moms need to stream-line their morning routine.  Part of this routine is taking care of our faces.  To keep my morning as magical and simple as possible I highly recommend decluttering your make-up routine.

I love Carmindy’s 5-minute face routine.  I purchased the book at Barnes and Noble because I like to hold a real book every now and then.  It inspired me  to let go of a bunch of make-up clutter. I also enjoy having my make-up routine finished quickly and simply.   I now keep all my things in a pretty collectors box with nifty office organizer enclosed.  I found all the items at my local Home Goods Store.  (I hang out there when I am hiding my Starbucks addiction.)

Simple Daily Challenge: Get rid of the stuff that you don’t use in your make-up collection, wash your cosmetic brushes and write down anything that you need to stock up on during your next shopping trip. This challenge should not take more than 5 minutes not including air brush drying time unless you have like 75 of everything. lol


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