The Almost Room

The Almost Room- A back to school post.

The new school year is almost here!  Every time I ask Little Guy if he is excited about starting Second grade he just responds, “well kind of”.

Well the way I figure it is if I act excited enough and do things around the house in preparation for his big first day then maybe the excitement will rub off and he will be jumping on the back to school groove wagon just like his momma.

Truth be told, I am really not looking forward to the whole thing.  When I read in the school notes that he would be using a School Planner I panicked a little bit inside.

How can someone who forgets consistently to brush his teeth in the morning possibly handle remembering and writing down his assignments everyday?

This is when faith in the schoolteacher and myself comes into action.  I must have faith that he will learn the process and faith in myself to set the kind of examples in his life that will encourage him to be more organized.  After all, I use a day planner every single day.

I also have to follow through more speedily on my goal to have my office and his study area organized and shiny before school starts.  Time is a ticking away!  And I am almost finished.

I am almost finished tidying and organizing my desk.

I am almost finished clearing out an organizing the craft area.

I am almost finished organizing and clutter busting the bookshelves.

I am almost finished clearing out the remainder of First grade stuff at Little Guy’s desk.


In other words I am sitting here writing in the Almost Room and until I can get into the groove and finish I will feel flustered.

Today, I plan to get down to business.  I must say I am going to have to throw out a pinky promise.  I momma, pinky promise all of you that I am going to complete my desk area by the end of this day.  I am going to honestly say that my almost-finished desk is totally completely finished.

Simple Daily Challenge:  Do you have an Almost Finished task on your TO –DO list.  Spend 5 or 10 minutes working toward the finished line.  After all, the only thing a momma can do in this crazy, busy world is to do her best with the little bits of time we can find and move forward.

Mommas rock and don’t you forget it!

This is a repost as I am feeling nostalgic on the beautiful Thursday morning in my hometown of Memphis  TN.

The weather has been unusually cool and I am enjoying the beautiful greens of the Tennessee landscapes. My camera is itching to explore!

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  1. I live in the world of Almost; in fact, I married the king there! In all seriousness, I’ve taken a commitment this year to set smaller goals and make sure I accomplish them by the set deadline. This is not always easy to do as some tasks involve smaller tasks that I didn’t originally plan for! Since starting to work from home (no easy feat I tell ya!) I’ve learned to meet self-imposed deadlines that previously caused me to always operate from the important and urgent category in my life. It’s a process – more like a journey – and you have to give yourself time to be human without making excuses. All in all, a good journey! Thanks for your post. I needed it this morning to get me motivated. I have eight very important action items on my list that must be planned and executed on today! Appreciate it!

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  2. I found a GREAT solution to “almost”.

    Try to starting slowly. Try to think about doing something slowly, lazy not fast and ferociously!

    When we think about doing something fast – this isn’t a nice though and therefore we avoid doing it altogether! But when we imagine doing something slowly it is much more pleasant thought.

    We start doing it, and eventually it gets finished.

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