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Summer Routine Chore Chart for Children

mom and daughter

We are so thrilled that summer is finally here. I personally was so over the first grade homework routine.   Least favorite of the year was the dreaded Share Page. The share page consisted of a drawing with complimentary sentences and a little 2 – 3 minute speech.   For the life of me I cannot remember giving weekly speeches in first grade with my first child.

What I did love about first grade was our routines.  Although it did take some time to get into the groove when we finally did our morning were just plain magical.

To keep that magic through the summer I have added a summer chore chart to our routine.

We will still be getting dressed first thing in the morning, making breakfast and lunch meal plans for the week, and the newest addition making beds.  We tried it in the early part of spring and did well, but then daddy went out of town and the whole thing fell apart.

So far the chore chart has these items.

Get Dressed

Make Bed

Tidy Room

Feed Dog


Math Sheet

Help Mom (random chores)

Pick Up Toys (before bed)

We are using the Board Dudes Chore Chart without the Stars.  Last time we tried those a play date ended in a minor Star Wars and those things can really scatter. We simple put an X on each accomplished item for the day.  I wish the board was longer with more lines.  (I wish my patience were longer as well, but such is a momma’s life.)

Our Simple Daily Challenge is as follows.

Sit down with pen and paper for 5 minutes and plan your summer routines.  The morning routine is the most important routine of the day in my opinion.  And the most important part of this planning is parent or guardian follow-through.  Set a great example for the children with your personal morning routine and make sure they follow the routine you have planned for them daily.


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  1. I so admire your relationship with your boys and teaching them responsibility. It looks like one already turned out to be an amazing young man and this one if following closely in the same foot imprints you have helped them make on this planet. I find myself reading your blog looking for inspiration and routine with my children and our every day lives. Keep blogging, i need some guidelines! ((hugs))

  2. That chore chart looks great! Right now, I just have mine printed on paper and inside a page protector, which they can then check off the things they’ve done with a dry erase marker, and we can rinse it off for the next day.

  3. I am going to use this to help with my 6 y/o who has high functioning Autism. to help with behavioral management to remind him to use kind words and kind hands along with getting dressed and all the other normal daily things. here’s to hoping it works.

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