Momma Groove and Pineapples

 There is nothing more satisfying than the end of a productive week. Please take note that I did not say perfect week, but, productive week.  The perfect week is the one we call vacation. It’s the one with visions of fruity, umbrella drinks and pineapple coconut scented suntan lotion with an SPF of around 50 which is kind of link wearing an actual pineapple t-shirt.
But back to our Momma Groove Friday post, the working mom, volunteering mom weekly challenge to get our office, desk, or massive home management note books in order. Simple Daily Challenge:  Tidy the top of your desk and dust office furniture and light fixtures.  It will be so nice when you walk in to the office or desk area and look at the dust free surface! And course, it is so much simpler to Get Things Done with a tidy office. Just for fun:

My favorite pineapple recipes….

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Pineapple Skewers- works with any kind of meat or veggie. Pineapple and Cheese on a stick-  this was the closest recipe to what I like, I just use pineapple and cheese. Simple is best.

Do you have any favorite pineapple recipes?


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    1. I ate pineapple stir fry the day this posted. It is my new favorite Thai recipe ever. Now, to learn how to make it, and it was grilled. So dinner and make extra for dessert.


  1. We love pineapple on the grill. 🙂 I like fresh pineapple the best. Did you know it’s good for when you’re overdue and want to start labor?

  2. I’ve never tried grilled pineapples! Gotta do that one of these days. We usually eat pineapples fresh and sprinkled with salt. 🙂

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