Take 5 for Toy Clutter

Halloween Week

This time of year our perfectly or not so perfectly toy and game organization seems to become out of control. Between birthdays,  grandma visits and the holidays seasons things just tend to start piling up!

The toy box goes from pretty full to overflowing and the game shelves might fall over a time or  two. If we do not address this within a reasonable amount of time clutter will take over.

Simple Daily Challenge: Take 5 minutes today and sift through the older toys to see what might be donated to make room for the newer toys. If you have the space to keep them all then tidy the toys with the help of your little ones to see if the space is easy enough to clear up with their help or on their own depending on their age and abilities.

We are preparing our hearths and homes for Halloween!  And let me tell you the distraction of this holiday is perfect for pairing down toy and game clutter.  (photo-credit)

Question:  What do you do with extra-large toys and how do you store them?

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