The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Pinky PromiseTake 2, Cleaning Out My Closet

Here is Take 2 of my closet project as promised from an earlier post. And here is the Take 1 if you are interested/

A funny thing is happening as I clean out my closet and empty shelves of clutter that I no longer use or love.  My dear husband is trying his best to fill the shelves as I go.

Obviously he has no idea that I will give him at least one evil eye if I catch him in the act.  I mean if I empty a shelf in MY closet then it is MY empty shelf!


Things are going to get mighty cranky around here if it happens again.

And yes, every time he shoves something in my closet, I shove it right back into his.  And I am pretty sure he is not reading this post.


Because if he was, he would know that I am cleaning my closet out as part of a short series of post. And I cannot really clean out a closet in 3 weeks in 3 minute -daily  increments if he is shoving his junk in there as I clean it.

BEFORE: I know it is truly shameful.

TAKE 1: From previous post!

TAKE 2 :  Obviously I need to go shoe shopping to fill in these blanks.  Who knew style would have changed so much in the past decade.  (I am joking of course, well, maybe)

Simple Daily Challenge: Take 3 to 5 minutes and work on a larger project of your choice. ex. Closet, cleaning out fridge, organizing a pantry or the garage. The possibilities  are endless!

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