Sing A Song to Get Things Done

If that song does not make you smile then please go have another cup of coffee or tea.

If you are tapping your toes and nodding your head to that happy tune then let’s take the next step.

Simple Daily Challenge – Three Simple Tasks to Help Moms Get Things Done.


  1. Click play again and while the music is playing and you are tapping your toes tidy up your desk. Put stuff where stuff is supposed to go and when the song is over stop.
  2. Next, when the song is over click play again and while you are singing along gather up any trash in the room the music is playing and throw it away.
  3. Next, keep that happy tune in your head, grab the vacuum and vacuum the bedrooms. Do not obsess, just make it look nicer than it did before, in other words, less nappy and less crumb ridden. And by all means, sing while you work!

Now wasn’t that fun!

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  1. Okay I am very obedient: I started nodding so I continued reading. This will definitely get you going while tidying-up 🙂 *very* cute, Pam!!

    1. Anne, I did it three times. I just love that song. lol
      I had so much fun I may do it again during the next couple of weeks. But a different song of course. Music was my full time job a few years back, but I still love it like no other thing, besides my children of course.

  2. Music definitely helps me get more productive. Saturday morning I blared my “cleaning music” and got so much accomplished…with a smile I might add.

  3. Well, In releasing my stress its really great to have some in some other time, Just watching these video clips is one of the best way.

  4. I am starting to memorize the song.. 🙂 This is the only way my bedroom will get cleaned!

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