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Take 5_ Donate Loved Toys, to Make Room For New Ones

Please send me to a new home. Not the big fat trash bin.

The holidays are coming and this is the best time to convince our little ones it is time to declutter and organize those toy bins.

Its not easy, but it really is a no brainer. ( note I am have a bit of fun with this, if you are offended then come back tomorrow)

1. Grab some trash bags

2. Grab a crisp glass of cold white wine.

3. Drink the wine. Just one now, lets not get tipsy there is work to be done.

4. Call your little one into the area where the toys are scattered or ( who knows?) tidy and organized.

5. Tell him or her that new gifts will be arriving and there is simply no more room in the toy box ( cart, whatever) for any more toys.

6. Tell him or her that several board games are no longer difficult for them and they are ready for big kid board games.

7.Tell them that there are so many little boys and girls that have no toys and  would love to have just a couple of the ones that you no longer play with.

8. Then ask them to find just 10 items to donate.  If they are stubborn just three.

9. Great, now tell them they have made just enough room for one toy for the holidays.  Show them how big the toy can be to fit in the box.  Make sure you fib a little and make it a small toy. ( great job mommas)

10 Now you can try repeating step 8 by telling them if they can give just a bit more there will be room for even a few more new things.

11.  Pat them on their head and give them cookies and milk for a job well done.

12. Take the  bag to the garage and pull out the raggedy old teddy bear that your precious donated not knowing that it was your favorite and you have 600 digital photos of your little one hugging that very same bear.

13. Close the bag and put it in the trunk of your car.

14. Donate tomorrow because good mommas don’t wine and drive.

Peace and popcorn,


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  1. Love this! Great idea, and the wine makes if fun for the Mommas, too! I think trading out the older toys to donate is very beneficial not only for the kids receiving the toy, but also the ones giving them. They learn to not become too overly attached to material possessions, It also keeps things fresh and decreases clutter. A win-win for everyone!

  2. This is definitely a task that requires wine, so thanks for remembering that important part of the task.

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