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10 Simple Breakfast or Brunch Casseroles



10 Simple Breakfast or Brunch Casserole recipes 10 Simple Breakfast or Brunch Casseroles

For special occasions, I break out my trusty overnight and simple but delicious breakfast casserole recipes. I collect these recipes so that I can make a breakfast for many or few in the blink of an eye on really busy mornings. ( Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Birthdays for example!)

Here is a collection of my favorite Breakfast Brunch Casserole Recipes some are overnight but some are so easy you can pre-cut or cook the ingredients and put the casserole together in the morning very quickly.

Love her or can’t stand her, Paula Dean is my go-to gal for good old  Simple Southern Casseroles.  You see, the minute something awful or fantastic happens in the South you will see a nosy neighbor with a casserole dish at your door within 24 hours, less if they are a good friend or a sugar bowl neighbor ( your next door neighbor).


10 Simple Breakfast or Brunch Casseroles

  1. Paula Dean’s Breakfast Casserole Here is a scrumptious Sausage Casserole that is simple yet flavorful with the sweetness of maple sausage baked with the sharp tang of cheddar cheese. So yummy!  Recipe 
  2.  Paul Dean’s Pecan Praline Baked French Toast – And second on my go-to breakfast casseroles inspired by Paula Dean, our Christmas family favorite. Now, mind you, this casserole is so sweet your eyes will squeak, but it tastes so darn good
  3.  BAKED CARAMELIZED MUSHROOM, ONION, SPINACH, AND SWISS CHEESE FRITTATA  I adore a good vegetable frittata and this one is filled with healthy veggies.
  4.  Hashbrown Egg Bake Recipe – This one is for bacon lovers.
  5. Gluten Free BreakfastCasserole  – Are you Gluten Free- Here is a gluten-free egg casserole recipe using pork sausage. Again, we are a pork-free house, so we use turkey sausage without nitrates when we can find it!
  6. Easy Breakfast Casserole with Paleo OMG – I personally eat 80% Paleo and this recipe is the bomb! With yummy, soul-satisfying sweet potatoes and spinach and onions, it is health and joy all rolled up into a casserole dish. Oh Lordy!
  7. Spicy Southern Hashbrown Casserole – This our family recipe and we love it. This is also known as funeral potatoes but we add some heat.
  8. Taste of Home’s Overnight Baked Oatmeal with berries
  9.  Amish Style Baked Oatmeal recipe with Apples!  Mmmmm.
  10.  As You Like it Breakfast Egg Casserole – Simple Yet Easy For Children to Help!


I hope you can find at least one yummy recipe in our 10 Simple Breakfast or Brunch Casseroles recipe line up!

Enjoy the day!


* Note: If your young child chef is looking to cook something special for father’s day or mother’s day chopped any vegetables and cook any open flame items yourself or help them locate pre-cooked and pre-cut versions at the market.  Take time to teach budding chef proper knife skills and proper cooking safety before letting them run free in the kitchen!

Hugs and Kitchen - Paula Deen is truly a casserole queen.


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