I Love Browsing Houzz.com and Sometimes I Love Cleaning

Grab this simple daily challenge and then go enjoy a good book!
I Love Browsing Houzz.com  and Sometimes I Love Cleaning
Hi Friends!  Today we have a simple cleaning challenge! Enjoy!
Dr. Seuss Bathroom
I Love Browsing Houzz.com  and Sometimes I Love Cleaning   – Search contemporary kids’ room pictures

There are days when I am so motivated to clean something that I can wash a load of clothes and clean the whole house inside of a couple of hours.

Tineke triggs

Then there are days when all I really feel like doing is sitting in a comfy chair and reading until the wee hours.

Bowen Island, New Construction

Reality check:  Moms cannot spend hours reading in a comfy chair unless they are rich enough to have money to burn.  And word on the street says, I am not rich enough to have money to burn.  Therefore, I must clean.

How do I get motivated on those slump days?  Houzz.com, those photos just simply inspire me, especially the super cute Dr. Seuss bathrooms.

Simple Challenge For Busy Moms: Scrub the shower and tub to a super shine.  I use Method, it smells like peppermint and does not irritate my eyes or hands.


Have a beautiful day!



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  1. Oh we are on the same track.
    I love Method products too, it’s the best and it’s on my top list products because of their refill stations system!

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