Busiest Moms in the World Spring Clean Challenge Day 22 – Bathroom Walls

Busiest Moms in the World Spring Clean Challenge Day 22
We are hanging out in the bathroom today!

Because it makes perfect sense to clean a room top to bottom we are going to start with the bathroom walls. Bathroom walls can get pretty gross.  With hair products, constant moisture and general family dirt these walls are probably the most icky in the house.

Dust and vacuum the walls today, and remember safety first.  If you have to use a ladder make sure you have someone to spot you. I know this is a tough one for single moms or any mom with a fifty mile TO DO list.  Back in my single parenting days I probably did not clean walls very often, but if you do intend to do this, just dust the part of the wall you can reach at ground level and whack the cobwebs down with a broom.  I am pretty sure the top parts of the wall are not that icky and really is the wall-inspector going to be dropping by this week to inspect wall dust?

That is it, tomorrow we will clean the walls, so put your tools away when you are finished, then have some tea or read a book to your little ones. Why? Because moms rock!

Happy Wall Dusting!

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