Christmas Round- up in the Dining Room

I love over the top Christmas decor in the dining room. This one is intense with the snazzy mirror wreath over another rectangular mirror.  The many pops of red throughout the room really encourage the Christmas spirit.

A wonderfully tradtional and elegant Christmas dining room. Makes me wish to sit down and  have a cup of coffee and chat with my very own momma.

If you are going to go modern, go awesome modern.

I just love this.  Sold!!!,  to the busy mom, sitting at her computer desk!


Christmas Round-Up Challenge for Dining Room

  1. Put away all clutter.
  2. Dust all furniture and light fixtures
  3. Sweep Floor
  4. Shine with your favorite glass cleaner any windows.

And that is pretty much it for the dining area.  15 to 20 minutes of totally focussed work should make a huge difference in your dining room!

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