Trying To Thread A Needle In A Hurricane

School has been out now for three weeks and here is what we have accomplished so far.

3 camps

1 family trip to see the Grandparents

4th of July Fireworks in Tahoe

2 Weeks of Veggie Bootcamp

Yes some of these overlap and yes, I am pretty happy with all the time I am spending hanging out with my little guy.  But to be completely honest, as far as work goes, I am not getting anything accomplished.

Every summer I have such high expectations and every summer I barely make a dent in my Momma – TODO -list.

I am not saying that I get zilch accomplished, last summer I built a website to help Uganda, so its not like I am sitting on my behind eating chocolates and watching old movies.

But I am saying, it is not east maintaining a home, taking care of a child and trying to get  stuff done for work and my volunteer jobs.

I searched good ol’ Google for some kind of miracles fix.  And to be quite honest, I have completed the search on several occasions.  All of the articles basically say the same thing.

  1. Be organized
  2. Keep a schedule
  3. Ask for help. ( lol, on this one for single moms and if you are one you probably know what I mean.)
  4. Work when the kids are sleeping: This one always cracks me up, and I am pretty sure a man wrote it because they would be the ones that feel moms need little or  no sleep.
  5. Hire a Sitter- (not feasible in many WAHM cases especially in these economic times.)


So I am just wondering, if you are a working mom, stay at home mom, work at home mom or some kind of crazy mix like myself…….

When you do find time to work during summer break ?  How do you manage to hold a conversation on the phone with a client with the constant interruptions?

I have come to the conclusion that there is not a permanent fix to this problem.  Just an odd assortment of temporary bandaid fixes.  Trying the work at home during summer break is like trying to thread a needle in a hurricane.  You gotta really want to thread that needle and when you do it will probably just pop right back out again.

So share your thoughts if you don’t mind and tell me how do you do it?

Overwhelmed moms everywhere would love to hear something that was not cranked out by a bunch same old-same old writers.

What really works for you?   I have a few tricks which I will share on the next office day, but I would love to have several tricks to get work done with the children home.  If we all shared our tried and true tricks we all might actually gets something accomplished.


Please enter you tricks and tips below or email them to me at


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