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Colorful Spring Birthday Party Tablescape

My husband’s birthday is in the spring, and this year it was such a pretty day that I jazzed up the table with colorful linens and dinnerware. I am sharing our Colorful Spring Birthday Part Tablescape and the yummy cake we made to show off my blue and white china dishes.  Please note, my husband indulged my need for decorating it a little bit French and a little bit Southern Preppy! He really is the best.

Colorful Spring Birthday Party Tablescape

Colorful Spring Birthday Party Tablescape

My husband is a no-fuss birthday kind of guy. This year I started having birthdays at home with the kids to really emphasize simple celebrations are more meaningful and can be fun! Well, we had to do one for dad, and he let me go totally Southern Bonkers on the table! I had the best time using every single whim my Southern girl heart wanted. The only thing missing, candles! I did not want my little granddaughter dumping it on the table. Californians are extra careful with fire.

Colroful Spring Birthday Party Tablescape

Shop The Look Table Runner Similar

Creating a Colorful Spring Birthday Tablescape has been so much fun!

For weeks I have been saving this long scrap of Green and White wrapping paper! I used several rolls during Christmas with pink ribbon and just loved it. Now it graces the birthday table as a backdrop for the textured white with a little gold flecks table runner that is also from Christmas!  The table runner is from Target! I love their extra wide and long selection available around the holidays.

The wrapping paper is from Hobby Lobby, which has amazing choices, especially around the holidays. I am picking wrapping paper now that I can use year round.  This green and white is perfect for so many occasions.

Coloful Spring Birthday Party Tablescape

Shop The Look  Similar Gold Charger Plate || Similar Blue and White China Dinner Plate  || Similar Hot Pink Watercolor Napkins ||Similar Salad Plate

Here is a birds-eye view of all the wonderful color of the tablescape. Gold polka dot rimmed salad plate, hot pink watercolor napkins from Sur la Table, and blue and white china dinner plates, my current crush. The chargers are also Sur La Table and the flatware is polished stainless steel with gold touches in the handles.

Coloful Spring Birthday Party Tablescape Dublin Iced Beverage Glasses

Here are the glasses I fell in love with that started this whole tablescape. I was searching for an Irish candy dish and came across the Dublin Water Glasses! They reminded me of my mom’s glasses at home in Tennessee! I figured they fit my love of all things Southern Eclectic and just had to have them. Thankfully, my husband like that they hold more than 13oz so there was practically no fussing at all! I mean, I may have more than three sets of glasses, but who is counting?

Colorful Spring Birthday Party Tablescape

Colorful Spring Birthday Party Tablescape

Similar Blue and White Ginger Jars || Similar Blue and White China Planter

I love my short Blue and White China ginger jars and planter! I have to admit that I had real flowers in them for a few days and then switched to pretty realistic blooms from Michaels and Homegoods because we had to delay the party a couple of days due to busy sports schedules. Aside from having extra blooms, you can hardly tell the difference! I use blue and white chine in our spring designed entry table, check this post. 

Colorful Spring Birthday Party Tablescape

Here is the birthday cake!  I kept it simple just icing the top to show off the amazing German chocolate cake. The cake is on our kitchen table dressed up in a yellow table cloth and blue and white China dessert plates and forks waiting for the cake cutting.

Colorful Spring Birthday Party Tablescape

Victorian Style Sculpture

We also had some festive cupcakes to serve to those on team vanilla cake and dark chocolate cake. The icing was super bright and really complimented the necklaces on our Victorian style sculpture. She actually wears more jewelry than I do!

Coloful Spring Birthday Party Tablescape with festive Roman bust dressed up for the party ready to eat cupcakes!

One more photo and then we will wrap this up!  I really had so much fun designing this Colorful Spring Birthday Party Tablescape! Do you dress up the table for special birthdays? I really feel like the kids appreciate being celebrated at home with family and I think my husband might like a little bit of celebrating as well, but the flowers were flowers and sparkle, that was all for me! I am so lucky to have an indulgent husband!

Colorful Spring Birthday Party Tablescape

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