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What’s For Supper #113

Welcome to What’s For Supper this week at Momma Can! I am so in love with eggplant lately so I am kicking off the week with an eggplant recipe and will probably explore this fun vegetable in the weeks to come. Got lucky and found this website for tracking what is in season in your state by the month and it captured my attention for several minutes this morning. I am not sure if it is a “perfect” source for vegetables, and anything attached to it regarding other resources, including water and the meat industry. I noticed at the bottom of the website there were “other” suggestions. But honestly, we all need to do our own research for sourcing out nutrition.
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What's For Supper with Momma Can

Seasonal Food Guide Site

The website is called Seasonal Food Guide and is a wonderful starting point for choosing vegetables, especially during optimal growing seasons in your state in the United States. There may be other resources in different countries that also have this kind of tool! Again, please do your own research. I just felt this was a wonderful starting point.

Another resource for fresh local grown food is the farmer’s market. It is so much fun to visit one and when you get to know the farmers, they will tell you what is in season and what is the best!

We, of course, have grocery stores that sell all kinds of fruits and vegetables all year. But there is nothing better than a strawberry fresh from the field during its optimal growing season, and oh don’t get me started on a fresh sun-ripened peach from Georgia, or an Arkansas watermelon in the summer!

This No Soak Vegan Pinto Bean Recipe is awesome because it uses kitchen tools you have on hand. No need to purchase expensive Instant Pots or complicated new and improved slow cookers. Use what you have! Read the recipe now!

What’s For Supper This Week:

Exploration Monday: I encourage a peek at this scrumptious recipe for Easy Greek Style Egg Plant from the Mediterranean Dish. Simple ingredients make this amazing vegetable based meal, and it is what we are having for dinner tonight.

Taco Tuesday – Let’s face it, tacos make people happy!
We are having a pot of pinto beans, meat filling with ground turkey and lots of seasoning, fresh yummy blended salsa, and chopped onions and cilantro. I am cutting out most cheese, but will have some shredded farm-style cheddar on the table for the guys. We are using the corn/wheat blend tortillas. We usually purchase these from Sprouts grocery.

Wacky WednesdaySweet, Sticky Sriracha Chicken Legs and Green beans with mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. I know it sounds odd together! I am making some hoe cakes to go with the cranberry sauce for sort of dessert. I will also whip up some honey butter. Looking forward to this have not made hoe cakes in a very long time and am excited to share this treat with my guys.

Comfort Food Thursday – I plan to make an extra batch of mashed potatoes on Wednesday, so this will accompany a store-bought deli roasted chicken and am making another cranberry favorite. I love this fresh Cranberry Sunshine Salad and will have mine garnished with some chickpeas and red beans to fill up my tummy!

Friday – Dinner Out

Simple Saturday Easy Green Pea Soup and Grilled Sourdough Bread- Mint is looking wonderful at the market and I love mint and homemade croutons on this Blender Pea Soup Recipe!

Sunday – Day of Rest and leftovers!

Have a wonderful week!

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