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How to Decorate A St. Patrick’s Day Tree

Saint Patrick’s Day Trees are trending! And why not? You spend good money on a tree to decorate each Christmas, it just makes sense to spread that joy out as long as you want! Get all the details on my creating your own St. Patrick’s day decorated Christmas tree.

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St. Patrick's Day  Tree

I am going to be honest, decorating Christmas Trees is a bit of an obsession to me. We decorated nine trees in 2020, and that was our quiet family-at-home celebration because of COVID-19.
(I struggled with mentioning this, but it is what it is)

St. Patrick Day Christmas Tree

Trees are My Sparkly Joy

July each year you will find me dragging out every Christmas magazine I have ever bought and thumbed through with eyes as big as Sunday pancakes, planning my trees, and trying not to listen to my husband say the three most annoying words in the world “no more trees”. But he loves me, and I am not diamonds and caviar kind of wife, so, each year some fun new tree shows up, and he just pitches a fuss for a few minutes and then shrugs it off. Because trees are always cheaper than sparkly diamond anything! Christmas trees are my sparkly joy.

Here is one of my FAVORITE Christmas Idea Books!

St. Patrick's Day Decorated Christmas Tree

How to decorate a St. Patrick’s Day Christmas tree?

Decorating your Christmas tree for St. Patrick day is really simple! Go on a scavenger hunt for stuffed animals you can add green bows for a festive Irish green bit of whimsy, add pics of florals in lots of shakes of green. I always have a couple of white doves on trees, they match nearly every theme and are a symbol of love!

Speaking of Love!

Part of my Christmas Tree obsession started at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. Each year they decorate an enormous room filled with trees and it is AMAZING! If you ever have time to visit during this special time, it is so worth it to my Christmas-loving peeps!

Check out this video from the Library of a Seashell Christmas Tree from the Philipines!

St. Patricks Day Tree

Dollar Store Dance!

Dollar Stores are your friend for Year-round Christmas Tree decor! You can find so many super cute items at the dollar store for St. Patrick’s day. This year I snagged some cute ribbon for gift tags! This ribbon can also make tiny bows on framed photos or quotes to hang on trees.

See my Valentines Day Tree here!


Craft Store St. Patrick’s Day Tree Bonanza!

I had great luck at the dollar store, but the store that really got me jazzed for the St. Patrick’s Day tree this year was Michaels Crafts! They had super cute green plaid and polka dot ribbons and fun hats. Of course, I found the hats for a buck, in a similar design at the dollar store, but NOT the amazing ribbons. I am in love with warm plaid ribbons, in all colors! It is really an obsession!

The gnomes were from Amazon; I am sure other stores have them, but I have not seen them. Perhaps I started late in the Patty’s Day shopping game. You can grab your very own Irish Gnomes here!

St. Patrick's Day Decorated Christmas Tree

The framed St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorites parts of the tree. However, the eucalyptus and dogwood floral picks are truly what fills the tree out! St. Patrick’s day decorations do not have to scream commercial Irish!

St. Patrick’s Day Tree

Truly, creating a fun and festive St. Patrick’s Day Tree is as simple as adding things you love with a hint of green. You can even use craft paper and cut strips to make a chain, remember in grade school! Just make a memory for you and/or your family. St. Patrick’s decorated Christmas trees are a simple way to get extra mileage out of those expensive artificial trees and have a “magically” good time!

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