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Dream, Plan, Do -Turning Our Dreams into Plans

Welcome to our new -mini-series Dream, Plan, Do.
A journey of learning how to turn our Dreams into Plans.

Dream, Plan, Do -Turning Our Dreams into Plans

In our first post on Goals this year, we discussed setting goals that were obtainable, and not to limit these goals to one year but to create a few that we had our sights on for the future. These are long-term goals, like a Retirement Fund.   We will revisit this logical list of targets along with our exercise throughout the year.

Today we are going to incorporate our BIG DREAMS into our life plan. 

We all have a few dreams buried under our pillow someplace. If you would have asked me two years ago if I had plans to write a book, I would have laughed silly. Me, a busy work-at-home mom?  Not on your life sister! I don’t have time for that. But the desire was there and the smoke from the embers of the fire in my soul to write would just not be extinguished. I wrote like mad for two monthsn.

By some miracle, I managed to conquer that dream. Lord knows it was not easy, but I did it!  So now, with this wild knowledge that I can shoot for Crazy Big Dreams and win, I decided I would love for all of you to reach big and win as well!

Our first post is asking you the enormous question?   What are your dreams?

No matter how small or big, your dreams matter.

Dreams are fantastic; they allow us to think freely without barriers or limitations.  But what if we allowed those dreams to become targets?

The moment we take the time to write our dreams, they become more concrete.  They are not just fanciful thoughts.


What is a Target?

And yes, I know all the moms out there are jumping up and down and saying,  I know, I know, that is my STORE, know it like I know my children’s names.

A target is a goal to be achieved; it is also something we aim for which means that we might not hit the bullseye on the first shot, but are making progress because we are focussing on the target.

Assignment:  Take several minutes in the next couple of days and write down your biggest dreams. Or Sign up for our FREE newsletter and grab the Dream, Plan, Do Printable for Free! 

We will see you in a couple of days for step two! Goals! Targets! Oh my!

Have a Super Dream-filled Day,


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  1. Great post. I love the idea of Targets and working toward the bulls-eye. Visiting from the Tada link party and excited to follow along!

  2. I love how you are calling goals targets….I may be less likely to drop the ball if I am aiming for a target. Thank you for sharing with us and I love your printable!!!

  3. I am going to enjoy this series! I pulled out two books on dreams that I had used the last time I was going after the gold and truth is it worked! I was amazed at the end of one year and then the next what seemed like impossible and lofty goals, I had actually done. Now entering the second year of blogging, refining, refocusing and expanding, I am along for the ride!

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