Drop Everything For A Double Dog Dare – Clutter Cannot Win

Double Dog Dare Two

Today our Simple Daily Challenge is a super simple dare to tidy and organize each room in the home for 10 minutes.  If the room is already clean, you can dust the furniture and vacuum. In about an hour or less  your house is going to look so much better you will want to dance and sing.

” You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” Leo Sayer

I will be cleaning and tidying throughout the day and will post a few results on Facebook and on this page in the next few days. We are all busy moms and sometimes general tidying and cleaning can be put on the back-burner for end of school events and general family chaos. Allowing 10 minutes for this tasks can make a big impact on clutter but little impact on your super busy schedules.

We are moving and grooving for a Simply Awesome Summer!

let's have a simply awesome summer

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