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What’s For Supper? #109 {Healthy Snack Ideas}

This week I am building my recipes around good health.  If there is one thing we can control right now in the chaotic, stressful days we seem to have this year, it is the food we eat!

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Healthy Snack Ideas

Here are five quick healthy snacking ideas I am embracing this week.

  1. Plan your snacks.  Plan not to buy processed simple stuff in little plastic bags. If you can keep it to fresh fruits, vegetables, and a few raw nuts or a scoop of nut butter, and maybe a square of dark chocolate.
  2. Prep small containers of a variety of crunchy veggies to take with you on the go! Think carrots, celery, cucumber, and radish chunks.
  3. Have a couple of bananas, easy-peel oranges, and apples ready to grab when your sweet tooth kicks in and you are missing the processed doughnuts powdered and calorie filled.
  4. I love Kind bars as a kind of treat to replace low-nutrition chocolate treats. They come in 100 calorie bars and taste amazing!  I am sure there are other similar items on the market!
  5. And last but not least, ice-cold-water. Sometimes we feel hungry because we just need to hydrate!

Weekly Dinner Plan and Healthy Quick Snack Ideas

Here is the Menu For the Week

Macaroni Meatless Monday –  This amazing pasta recipe caught my eye! Pasta with burst tomato, zucchini, and arugula.  I am about using what I have so, switching out the arugula with fresh basil.  But still sounds so amazing! I can’t wait.

Tuesday –  We are having simple pinto beans, with some crispy fish in corn tortillas with a simple spicy dressing and shredded cabbage and fresh nectarine slices.

Wednesday – Thick cut boneless pork chops oven roasted with Korean Style Potato Salad and cucumbers and grapes for the kids.

Thursday – TBLT toasted sandwiches with watermelon slices. (Yum!) Sometimes simple is just so darn tasty!

Friday – New Recipe! Extra Crispy Fried Chicken with Southern Smothered Green Beans and vine-ripe tomato slices. I am doubling the chicken for a Sunday Picnic!

SaturdayCalifornia Style Grape and Almonds Tuna Salad with Baked French fries to make the kiddos cheer for momma!

Sunday –  Sunday Picnic in your own backyard! Why the heck not? We need to make family-dinner the best time of the day!   With leftover extra crispy cold fried chicken, deviled eggs, country cucumber potato salad, and sliced fruits. This is a yummy Sunday Dinner and you can make it ahead on Saturday! Woot!’

So glad you stopped by and I hope the healthy snack ideas helped you get jazzed for choosing excellent fuel for your body and your family’s snacking.

Need more Menu Planning Ideas?  Check out our many yummy meal planning ideas here!  What’s For Supper? Menu Planning for Busy Families 

I wish you a productive week and hope this menu plan finds you safe and healthy!

Thanks for reading What’s For Supper #109

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