Here Comes A Blue Bird

Happy Wednesday! And not a thing makes me happier about a Wednesday than doing something productive that allows me to peek out the windows.
It reminds me of a song from my full-time  teaching days.

Here comes a blue-bird, in through my window,

Hey, diddle-um-a day-day-day!

Pick a little partner, hop in the garden,

Hey, diddle-um- a day-day-day!

Of course, if a blue-bird actually flew in my window I seriously doubt I would be singing about. I would probably call the fire department.

Simple Daily Challenge: Grab the your window cleaner of choice and some rags or microfiber towels and clean the windows and mirrors in the bedrooms. We are shooting for around 10 minutes, but 5 minutes will do if that is all you have to spare.

Have a rocking Wednesday!

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