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Hey Momma! What’s For Dinner #12

Hey, Momma! What’s For Dinner

Hi, Friends!  I can’t believe we are in April! Here in Southern California, vegetables are growing, and fruit is ripening; Spring is truly here!  This week our menu reflects all the yummy goodness of fresh chopped salads, grilled vegetables and enjoying meals together out in the back yard. We are whipping up delicious fruit smoothies, enjoying overnight oatmeals using local berries and frying eggs served over sauteed spinach and mushrooms Spring is a fantastic foodie season.

I have been hanging out with my young teenage son all weekend, and we made a pact ( without dad present) To ditch all the processed food and sugar in the house. I filled a large donation bag of unopened items and tossed the rest. It was incredibly liberating. Of course, I am sure when he opens his lunch on Monday and is missing his cookies and wrapped up cake treats, he will feel a little letdown. The kids at his school eat pretty much all junk. It is kind of sad. Most of the cafeterias in our area have only microwaves and warm-up ovens. There is zero cooking going on, and that honestly worries me. With both parents working these days the skills of homecooked meals are suffering.

I look forward to this spring and summer as I will be teaching my youngest basic cooking skills.  I truly believe learning to cook is an essential life skill for youth. Cooking at home allows young men and women to use better quality ingredients which will give them a better chance in battling the every growing epidemic of diabetes and heart disease.

That is why our meals this week are not complex, but simple.  The instructions will be printed and placed in a binder so that my son can have it as his very own. It will be his very own cookbook.

Here is our menu for the week:

Monday – Grilled Chicken breast slathered sriracha and honey and grilled outdoors with zucchini slices, corn on the cob and served with a bed of greens.
Tuesday –  Ground Turkey flavored with chili, garlic and a squeeze of tomato paste. Served with tostadas, homemade salsa, fresh avocado, sliced radish and carrots in a yummy pickle marinade, refried beans and leftover corn on the cob.
Wednesday – Slow Cooker Shredded BBQ Chicken on French rolls, green salad with a simple mustard vinaigrette and kettle chips.
Thursday – BYOS – Build Your Own Sandwich and Chicken Vegetable Soup.
Friday – Against the Grain Pizza and  Green Salad
Saturday – Dinner Out ( We love Indian Cuisine!)
Sunday- BBQ Roasted Half Chickens, My Yummy Country Potato Salad, Pickled Carrots, and BBQ Bread.

I hope everyone has a lovely week filled with yummy healthy food and good company!



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  1. HI Pam – I love meal Planning to and do Meal Planning Monday – so I was delighted when I realised you did it too. That grilled chicken breast sounds amazing 🙂

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