Ladies and Gentlemen School is Now in Session

I am little bit sad and a little bit glad. I miss my little guy’s chatter and smiles all day long. I am happy that I can finally work in a bit of peace and quiet.

The only problem with school starting is the big three in my life are now taking up my thoughts during the day.

Halloween: By far the easiest but very important to my little guy.

Thanksgiving: Busy as a bug in an old rug.

Christmas: Please someone pass the smelling salts.

What is this momma doing to cope?

I am busting out my yummy new planner from GTD that I purchased at Staples and developing these special holidays as projects.

Each project has a planning tab and I am writing things down in each section as I come up with new ideas, tasks, lists, things to buy, things to wrap, things to send etc.

What huge projects do you having buzzing around in your head?

End the  buzzing right this minute.


Simple Daily Challenge: Take 10 minutes and write down every single project you have and how you wish for it to feel, look, happen in the best outcome possible.

p.s. Little Guy wants his hair style like Elvis every single morning.  He really cracks me up. I hope the teacher gets his whimsical personality.  I personally love it.



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