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Local Deli Brunch


Local Delis Rock!

I love a local deli and hanging out with my little guy. His summer camp was cancelled so we are making our own Camp Fun after we finish up our the morning segments of our Daily Dozen. The daily dozen is the top 12 items we have to do every single day to maintain a certain level of a clean, pleaseant, organizied home.

The picture about was taken at a local deli named Pickles new Thousand Oaks, California.  My son always orders the pancake Kid’s special and each line cook always has his or her’s own unique imperssion of the the pancake face. I thought this one was cute with the silly fruit eyes.  The deli has a unique Hollywoord appeal with murals of all the Hollywood greats each with a pickle in the mural.  The menu, is vast with all the standard deli component. My favorite is the Matzo Ball Soup with a salad featuring sourdough croutons and of course a hot plate of fried Pickles!   My little guy and I had a wonderful time and the staff is friendly and the food is hot, the perfect old fashioned deli experience.

We have three more days in July and then August will be here!  I cannot believe how fast summer is flying by and I aim to enjoy every second of the time we have remaining in this sweet, sweet school break. But I still have responsibilites and it is Monday!


100 Club Clutter Pick-Up – So Much Fun You Will Want To Do It Twice!

Simple Daily Challenge: Set your timer for 10 minutes or less, your choice. Pick the most cluttered room in the house, mine is the living area. Pick up and put away 100 items and yes you can count Legos and Barbie shoes.

When you are finished do a happy mommy dance and reflect on how awesome your are, then do something a bit fun. You totally deserve a tidy home and you totally deserve a bit of fun. We are all winners in the 100-club pick-up.

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  1. I am so glad ya’ll had a nice unexpected breakfast. AWESOME PANCAKE FACE! I went to a local cafe a while back and it was quite opposite of your deli. So expensive and limited menu.

    GOOD NEWS! Hubby has finally made my living room a living room by unpacking/moving boxes out of it. It is so big now…ironic biggest room in the house we don’t use often!

    Great post as always

    1. Congrats on the living room! I still have office clutter in mine that I need to put away and a huge stack of donations.

      Deli can be expensive and yet they servie so many egg and bread prodcuts you would think they could lower the prices!


      1. Thanks! I need to arrange my filing cabinets. Hubby still has boxes of paper work but it is out of my way so that is his problem lol.

        I agree deli prices need to go lower, as everything else!

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