100 Club Repeat in Honor of Labor Day

I was going to skip our 100 club today because we are observing Labor Day here in the U.S. and if anyone knows about Labor it would be a super busy woman and especially a super busy momma.

But then, just like any other day we decided to not keep up with clutter we regret it later.  So for today during your 100 club clutter crime fighting  pick up I encourage you to focus on an area that you love.  One that gives you that boost you need when this busy life seems to get the best of you and you just feel exhausted.


I have to say for me right at this moment in my life it is the bathroom.  It can go from organized to mega-mess in 15 seconds and sometimes it feels just as busy as the kitchen.  Everyone wants to hangout in the larger bathroom of the house, have you ever noticed?


Anyway, let’s get to it and then for the rest of the day please relax!  Busy moms deserve a little break from the crazy circus of life and we have to grab them when we can!


Let’s Get To It Gals!


Set your timer for 10 minutes or less, your choice. Pick the most cluttered room in the house, mine is the living area. Pick up and put away 100 items and yes you can count Legos and Barbie shoes.

When you are finished do a happy mommy dance and reflect on how awesome your are, then do something a bit fun. You totally deserve a tidy home and you totally deserve a bit of fun. We are all winners in the 100-club clutter crime fighitng pick-up.

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