School Days, Book Fairs and Busy Mommas


Today is the first day of many days of volunteering at my son’s school.  With cutbacks in everything I feel I should devote as much time as possible to my son’s school to help cushion some of these cutbacks. I am a busy momma as most mommas are but with careful planning and letting go of perfectionism I have found the time. I am lucky enough to have a flexible job and an understanding husband.

We open Book Fair today.  And if you have young ones at home or grandchildren local school book fairs are a wonderful place to shop after school for books.  The prices are excellent and there are choices in the Scholastic fair for toddlers, younger and older children and adults.  I purchase books for Christmas and other holiday events at the first book fair every school year. It gives me a chance to buy girly books for my nieces as I have only boys at home.

Take time to browse the local school websites for a book fair in your area. After all, shopping is fun and books are becoming extinct. Children love books and page turning is good for fine motor skills. As much as I love Ipads they just simply are not my first choice for young children.

On the home front with such a busy day I am just tidying a bit and cleaning the kitchen.  As I said earlier, I have to let go of a bit of perfectionism  to make time to volunteer.  So the laundry can wait and so can the dusting and other stuff that will always be waiting for me but really will not cause the earth to spin in the other direction if I do not get to it today.
Simple Daily Challenge: Don’t let the icky dishes sit there, spend 5 minutes tidying the kitchen and give yourself a hug.  Moms Rock! 

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