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Learn How To Organize Your Day With Index Cards

Organize Your Day With Index Cards


Learn How To Organize Your Day With Index Cards

Coffee, Index Cards, Purple Pen…. organizing life as a work at home mom with simple things.

It’s really early here on the home front.  I have my big mug of coffee and am enjoying the quiet before the storm.  My days are full and for the most part pretty darn good.  I enjoy this time, Dawn is just stretching her limbs, and the sun is just now peeking over the hills.  It feels pretty darn peaceful.  But there are things to be done.  So I grab my trusty purple pen and begin planning my day.

Planning my day is essential to balancing my busy life with index cards.

Planning my day is also a necessary evil because I happen to be a work at home mom.

For many years I was an office store junkie for planning my day..  I purchased time-management books, organizing books, day planners in all sizes, software, PDAs, and the semi-current I-touch.  I still enjoy my I-touch but not for daily planning. Today I am sharing the tools and tips I use to Balance Your Life With Index Cards.  You are going to love your super-productive day once you implement these tips.

Index Cards

Learn How To Organize Your Day With Index Cards

These days, I am a simple girl.

My three essential tools for planning my day are coffee, index cards, and my trusty purple pen.  That is pretty much it besides checking my calendar.

This planning time usually takes place in the morning before my little guy is awake.  But if I am feeling adventurous I may complete this task at night before bedtime.

The index cards help me to keep a more balanced life.  They are labeled at the top with morning, work, home, little guy, me, and evening.  Each index card is written simply.  I can usually complete the whole cards because I am learning to be sensible about how much time is actually in one day.

Here are examples of a typical day.


  • Make Bed
  • Get Dressed
  • Coffee and Cards time
  • Pack Lunches, snacks, and one Fridays homework folder.
  • Little guy gets dressed
  • Breakfast and vitamins
  • Little guy to school


  • Physical inbox (this is anything that does not come to an email format.)
  • Email inbox
  • General work task on current projects


  • Shine one room ( clear clutter and clean)
  • Planning ( meals, shopping, vacations… etc. )
  • Laundry
  • Tidy Kitchen
  • Ten magical minutes of PUPA ( pick up, put away)


  • Exercise
  • Shower
  • Lunch
  • Study ( we should never stop learning)

Little Guy:

  • Snack
  • Homework and Kumon
  • Play Time
  • ( insert here any calendar date activities)


  • Tidy Kitchen after dinner
  • Little Guy Shower and reading before bed
  • Clothes for next day
  • Face routine ( teeth, clean and put goop on the face, trim nails as needed.)
  • Hang out with hubby
  • Bed

And it is that simple.   I try never to write a list that will not have a fighting chance to complete.


Organize Your Day With Index Cards

Life as a busy mom is overwhelming enough without giving it crazy expectations.  Learn how to organize your day with index cards and see if you feel less overwhelmed!

Well, the sun is up.  Time to get my day started.

If you a are working mom, please check out our working mom suggest reading list. Five Must-Read Books For Busy Working Moms

Life is crazy busy for working moms, new moms, school moms etc. Learn How To Organize Your Day With Index Cards . These cards have b een a tried and true method for many busy moms! #organizeyourday #organize #busymom


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  1. Still not quite sure I get this…do you write new cards everyday or just tick off a master card? Does this replace the diary completely or run alongside as task organiser?
    Would love help!
    Regards, sinking English mom of 3 (and dog!)

    1. I generally write a short list on a new card or paper pad each night before bed. I also use a printable planner that we have on this site which contains the top 12 items I need to do every day to keep the house in relative order! You can look in the archive for printables or click the tab on to that says printables for an example.


    2. I think you could use both. What you need is a master plan and then write a few cards each month to deal with items that may get ignored through the month.

      Let me know if I can help you further.

  2. When my boys were little, I did an index card chore list. I used contact paper to cover the cards so they would last. I used a recipe card holder. Each boy had daily lists and they drew the cards for chores.

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