Menu Plan, Cleaning List and Oven Dried Strawberries

Oven Dried Strawberries

Hi friends! This week we are super busy preparing for the 4th of July weekend festivities and I am planning our mini-family vacations as well as spending tons of quality time with my sons.  We are really excited about trying new recipes and eating more healthy every day.  Having our youngest son participate in meal prep has been wonderful way to get him to eat those greens.  It has taken more time than I care to admit but I should get mommy points for never giving up!   I am  also sharing a fun video on How to Make Dried Strawberries and I simply cannot wait to give it a try.  The photos look fantastic on line and the video is short and sweet and the best one I could find. I will post on Facebook our results and I hope you give this healthy family treat a try as well.

Now on the to planning!


  • MONDAY  –  Baked Tandoori Chicken, Rice, Cucumber and Lettuce salad with tomato and celery
  • TUESDAY  –  Burgers, Potato Salad, Deviled Eggs and Fruit Salad with star pineapples. (I hope, found a cute cookie cutter)
  • WEDNESDAY  – Leftovers – I love Wednesday! 🙂
  • THURSDAY –  One Pan Chicken, Potatoes and Greenbeans  ( Family Favorite)
  • FRIDAY –  Dinner Out
  • SATURDAY –  Salad Bar Supper  – Lots of choices and lots of Health!
  • SUNDAY  –  Family BBQ –  Steaks, Spicy Baked Beans, Huge Green Salad and Watermelon


Monday – Deep Clean Kitchen – Choose wisely on major appliance or area to deep clean.

Tuesday – Bathroom – Give the bathrooms and good scrubbing, especially, tubs, showers, sinks and mirrors.

Wednesday   Dust and Mirrors and Windows 

Thursday –   Getting the House Ready for the 4th of July!

Friday – Declutter-one area for 5 to 10 minutes or catch up on anything that was missed during the week. Keep it simple, Friday is for family and fun!

Saturday – Linens and extra laundry. Don’t you love the idea of fresh smelling sheets and towels!

Sunday  Free Day – Family Day –You pick your favorite, summer is nearly hear and it is really time to start planning several choices for family fun days!

How to Make Oven Dried Strawberries.

Oh boy, I can’t wait to try these and am wondering if I could throw in some pineapples or blueberries!  Yum!

Have a beautiful day. Pamela at Mommcan

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  1. Hi, Pam!

    Enjoy your 4th of July! It sounds like you have good plans in the works 🙂

    I’ve not made sliced oven dried strawberries, but I’ve made whole roasted ones and they are delicious!!! I ate a whole quart in one sitting because I couldn’t stop eating them! lol!

    Hope yours turn out just as good!

    1. Yum, whole almost sounds better. I might try that first to get my kiddo to eat some and then do the sliced to add to granola or cake batter.


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