Momma Never Told Me There Would Be Days Like This

Every once in a blue moon I feel as if my house has just simple exploded.  There is an overwhelming sense of chaos and my TODO list is on more like a collection of dusty memories.



Things just feel like they are not getting done.  There are a number of reasons why this happens.

  1. I say yes too many times to too many things.
  2. I have too much stuff.
  3. I am not getting enough sleep.
  4. I am not getting enough exercise.


Sleep is the biggest one.  When I don’t sleep everything goes to the dog house. Wait, it is worse than that, I have seen the inside of our dog’s house and it is actually rather neat. My house is a shipwreck when I don’t get enough sleep.

It drives me bonkers. I mean I have such high standards because my mom’s house is alway neat. It has zilch on clutter, is always dusted and is vacuumed more often than most folks brush their teeth.

How on earth did she manage with two babies and a dog with a husband deployed while living 1000 miles away from her family?  It baffles me.


What is a tired momma to do?  


The Bare Necessities. 

Today I am just going to do my very best and my dirty dozen and add three simple tasks.

Without further sleepless rambling:


Simple Daily Challenge – Three Simple Tasks

  1. Dust the Living Room- not obsessively just make it look nice.
  2. Sweep the Kitchen Floor
  3. Wipe down the mirrors and bathroom sinks.

Have a super simple day and if you can take a nap.  If I even see one tiny opportunity for a nap today I am grabbing it and running.

What are you bare necessities? How do you manage when you do not get enough sleep? 

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  1. I say yes too many times to too many things. — Yes, this is completely me. I’m finally at a point in my life where I’m learning that I can say no and that I don’t need to please everyone all the time. If people don’t like me because of it, that’s okay!

    1. You are so right!

      It is difficult to say no, and more so when you have said yes for so long. but just think of that free feeling when you have more time to enjoy family and friends.

  2. This has totally been me this past week. I feel like everything this is just exploded. My husband even straightened out things the other day and STILL it is complete chaos. I dusted the living room last night and I felt a little better. The floors are getting done when I get home from work. I cringed when I looked at my stairs this morning….holy dog hair!!

    1. OMG, Holy dog hair had me giggling so much I spilled coffee all over the place.

      Thanks Sheri, I really needed a giggle today!

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