My First Project 333 – Late Spring – Capsule Wardrobe Magic Baby

My First Project 33 -


This is basically my Spring/Wedding groove into summer Project 333, a capsule wardrobe.  I am still missing a pair of dark bootcut jeans, but the Gap is gone, and I really need to try on pants because I have an apple figure and would like one more top, but still need to go shopping.  I am learning as I go!

What is Project 333 you ask?
In a tiny little nutshell.

  • Choose your season. (Late spring for me, but moving on to summer.)
  • Choose 33 items to use throughout the season, this includes clothing, shoes, outerwear, bags, and jewelry.
  • You can also keep your “work uniforms’ and workout gear, they do not count along with sentimental jewelry you wear daily, like a wedding ring or earrings.
  • Pack up the rest and put it someplace where it will not bug you.
  • Ta Da! Project 333
I have been trying to add pieces, but I am just a terrible shopper.  But, who gives a heck??? I sure don’t. I am going to rock what few pieces I have and wait for that magic moment when the perfect pieces come along.
Pictured above is my list thus far, the photos up above are from Polyvore, but I have several of the handbags because I am a penny-pinching bargain hunter and my pennies go to purses.  hehe 🙂
Why do I call this Capsule Wardrobe Magic???? 
Because it takes me under 5 seconds to decide what to wear and for a busy mom that is MAGIC! 
Have a rocking, minimalist day!

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