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Five Quick and Easy Ways To Boost Your Mood

Sometimes you just don’t wake up on the right side of the bed. Try these five quick and easy ways to boost your mood. Or even try stringing them all together for even a bigger happiness boost. 

In A Mood? Ready To Feel Better?

Have you ever been in a mood?  I mean seriously, one of those days when you snap at your spouse, the kids, and the dog just because you feel cranky? It could be ” Aunt Flo” came to visit, or a pending work project has got you down, or the kids are just a big handful.   There are so many whys for blue mood. I won’t list any more, because honestly, it might trigger a yucky mood and we are here to help not create!
Today I am sharing five of my favorite quick and easy ways to boost your mood! I mean, there are literally dozens that come to mind. I wanted to share a list that is simple and doable!  You can probably do them all in one day and give yourself an extra boost of happiness.  Pick your favorites, mix them up, or try doing one on each day  of the week!   Before you know it, you will wash away those gray clouds in no time and step into a sunshine-filled day!
And sweet friend, that is exactly what we are starting with! Let’s step into the sunshine.

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1. Step Into The Sunshine.

If you want a super quick mood boost, take a break in the sunshine. Soaking in a few minutes of rays increases serotonin and just makes you feel better.  It is a natural way to relieve stress and gives you a boost of energy. I limit my time to around 10 to 15 minutes and if I am out any longer; I slather on some sunblock and have a shirt to cover my arms. If it is winter, and the sun is just not out often in your neck of the woods, try a light therapy box. These give you a boost when Mr. Golden Sun is not available.  

2. Drink A Hot Cup of Fragrant Tea, Coffee, or Hot Cocoa. 

here is something gratifying about holding a warm cup filled with your favorite hot drink. Coffee has always been a mood booster for me. That first cup in the morning just brings me a sense of peace.   Whatever your comfort drink of choice, if you feel a “mood” coming on, take a hot beverage break and savor the heck out of it.  Take a moment and feel the warmth of the cup. Then enjoy the steam from the cup. Is it really hot?  Did it fog your glasses up?  Are the tips of your fingers toasty now?  Next, use your sense of smell and really take a second to describe the scent.  Is it smooth, bitter, sweet, citrus, chocolaty… etc.  Take the first sip and enjoy the taste. What does it taste like? Did you add milk or honey?  Do you use dark roast or light? Did you add a hint of cinnamon or vanilla? 
Slowing down and savoring something so simple is a wonderful mood booster. 


3. Get Moving.

Get your body moving! Seriously, walking or any kind of exercise is a blue mood buster.  Research says that 30 minutes a day three times a week significantly improves your mood.  
I have found committing to move 30 minutes every day has really been a game-changer. I started with a 5-minute morning walk daily and moved up a little each day.   Not only do I feel happier, but I contribute at least 10 pounds of my weight loss to my daily walk.  Need to stay indoors? Check out some walking videos. I use them every single morning. 
Remember, any kind of exercise needs approval from your doctor if you are a first-timer. 

4. Connect With A Friend or Loved One, A person Who Builds Your Joy. 

Making connections with friends, family, loved ones, and even chatting with the coffee barista can be great mood boosters. Research says you get a good boost of positivity when hanging out with friends, family, and your kids.  If you are out of town and need a lift, go grab a coffee or eat lunch at a diner, Smiling and chatting with a stranger is also a mood lifter!  Face to face is best, but chatting on the phone is good and works when your life is super busy or if you just can’t leave the house.  

5. Stop, Smell the Roses, and Just Breathe

Scent therapy is a real thing. Stopping to smell the roses is not just a metaphor but supported by research. Taking time to just step outside and enjoy the smell of flowers, the scent of fallen rain, or even fresh cut grass is a mood booster. Stepping outside improves your sense of well-being and reduces stress.  If you work indoors and can’t get out as much as you like to bring the scent inside. Use house plants, a small bouquet, a wonderful scented candle, or essential oils. Take several moments every day to just stop and experience these scents and just breathe and relax.  I usually try to take a break of five minutes each hour just to have focussed breathing and having it near nature is a plus! 

Five Quick and Easy Ways To Boost Your Mood

Did you try these and still feel blue? Try practicing each several times and make sure you are making self-care a priority and this includes getting plenty of sleep and maintaining routines. 
Never hesitate to reach out for professional help when needed. Mental health is just as important as physical health and your family needs you healthy and at your best.  I had to have help after losing my brother and it made a big difference in so many ways. Please, please don’t hesitate. 

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