100 Club Fighting Clutter Crime Every Monday with Inspector Gadget


I woke up this morning with a song in my head, the theme song for Inspector Gadget.  Inspector Gadget the goof ball policeman from my childhood that despite all his mishaps always seemed to get the job done, well  in his own luck of the draw kind of way with the help of his sidekicks Penny and Brain.

And that is how I thought I would approach my clutter- crime fighting this wonderful Monday. Not depending on-dumb luck aided by Penny and Brain but on the Gadgets that work for me to fight clutter crime.

A trash bag and an innocent happy-go-lucky attitude are my tools and my plan is to just turn on some music and just let the chips fall where they may and in all of this clutter-crime fighting I am going to have a happy heart.  Because this is my home and the place where I raise my family to the best of my ability and that makes me happy.

Simple Daily Challenge: Grab a trash bag and go hunt down some clutter and trash!  Put the stray items away and throw out or donate what you no longer need and what is just plain old trash. 10 minutes is enough and our goal is 100 items!

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