Busy Mom Spring Clean Challenge Bathroom Kick- Off

Busiest Moms in the World Spring Clean Challenge Day 21
We are hanging out in the bathroom today!

Well, you know we would end up in the bathroom eventually.  And yes, I realize cleaning the bathroom is not much fun,but then again, taking a shower while staring at empty bottles of shampoo and dull razors is not all that fun either, especially when you cannot see through the shower door because the soap scum has created zero visibility.


Let’s get to it:


Spring Clean Challenge for today is take 5 minutes and pick-up the clutter. You see, I remember that starting off a new week with scrubbing a toilet would not be fun so we are going to just dip out toe in the water today and tomorrow we will get to the grime.

Put away the clutter, which will more than likely be random articles of clothing and cosmetics in our bathroom and Hot Wheels cars,  Legos and a few Barbie doll items accompanied with Playdough artifacts and random pieces of string cheese in the children’s bathroom.

If you have more than two bathrooms    this may take more than 5 minutes.  If it looks as if a tornado came  and turned the bathroom into a war zone, then after school please grab yourself the nearest grade schooler and ask them to please put away their stuff. If you have teens write them a Post-it Note or Text them to pick up their stuff, this will hopefully diffuse any kind of cranky feed back if their day at school was not Teen Perfect.

Just the Facts Momma: Clear out the clutter in the bathrooms and put all items in their proper home.  Why? Well, just because we can’t mop the floor if we cannot see the floor and because we love our families. Isn’t that what this is all about?

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